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I have some LBT-1961G in AOR1, these are the latest 2010 production with digital webbings. This is rare and hard to get. Let me know if you are interested. I also have LBT-2649E hydration carrier in AOR1. You can attach the hydration carrier directly to all 1961 sereies. Cheers!


Got some S&S Precision vertical tourniquet pouch in AOR1, the set comes with brand new NARP C.A.T.. I only have a few of this pouch. As usual, AOR1 is not available to general public. Email me before they are sold out. Cheers~

I have some LBT-6061A enhanced MBITR radio pouch in AOR1 in stock, email me if you are interested. Cheers!

I have some SureFire M952V weapon light in tan and black in stock. Items are all brand new sealed in package. M952V is a dual spectrum tactical weapon light, you can switch the LED benzel from white to IR in split seconds. This weapon light can be mounted on any MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail by the QD throw lever mount. It can be activated by the detachable pressure switch or the click on-off switch on the XM tail cap. 150 lumen maximum output (white), 120 mW IR output. It’s the perfect CQB weapon light for NVG users! It will be the next gen flashlight for the US armed forces. Email me for price and details!

I got some DG LBT-1961A AOR2 in stock, all are the prototype era with OD webbings instead of digital webbings. 2008 production & in brand new condition. All come with concealed holster. Good price! Email me if you are interested.


I have some Navy SEALs issue M203 pouches, all in MJK color, brand new condition (Not the off market version). I bundle Spartan Airsoft M203 dummy rounds with the pouches. The package is great for airsoft or reenactment display. Triple pouch will come with 3 dummy rounds, double pouch will come with 2 dummy rounds. Feel free to contact me if you are interested, cheers!

My latest acquisition, LBT-2595G in AOR1. These are mostly 09 production and in brand new condition. Feel free to drop email to me if you are interested. Cheers~

Recently acquired some Ops Core products, including X-Nape, H-Nape, FAST bump helmet, VAS Shroud, etc. If you are interested, you may take a look at


AOR2 6094

Another new collection aquired recently~ enjoy~

AOR1 6094